Who are we?

Since our inception, the mission of iBusiness Digital has always been to create the perfect digital services to help businesses gain a brand image and reputation in this modern market. We can proudly proclaim that we have been quite successful in our venture, and we aim to achieve the same results in future.

We are an IT Solution Provider Company, operating across various countries like Kochi, New York, London and UAE to help businesses realize their colossal potential. We provide cost-effective and reliable software technology solutions to help businesses simplify their processes. With our team of highly skilled professionals, we have been able to offer an array of services, including software development, web development, digital marketing, mobile app development, graphic designing, ERP services and brand reputation management. Our customized and strategic framework comes with distinguished attributes capable of helping clients worldwide.

IBusiness Digital continues to expand while seamlessly providing clients with all the services that they need. We are an agile firm that offers tailored solutions to client needs, delivering substantial results within the time frame.

At iBusiness Digital, we encourage and inspire our team members to be creative and take initiative for challenging opportunities for personal development. We believe that customer and employee satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Hence, we promote a work environment which thrives on diversity, inclusivity and creative freedom. We make it a point to provide an open and friendly environment where all can freely communicate and reach their full potential.

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How We Operate

Behind The Story Of ibusiness

Team Co-ordination

Once confirmed, we create a WhatsApp group with our core team and the client’s sales team. All posts would be initiated only further to approval by the client.

Social media calendar

We would design a social media calendar for each month once we discuss and finalize posts as per the proposal.

Fortnightly meetings

We would meet every fortnight to review the progress and customize the solutions if required.

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